Lifeline Express hospital eye-trains can help restore vision for approximately 10,000 underprivileged cataract patients a year. But with a tremendous increased number of cataract sufferers each year, the services provided by the eye-trains were an utterly inadequate. Lifeline Express believes that training and empowering local eye doctors skills play a key role in sustaining the sight saving mission. Therefore, Lifeline Express has established Lifeline Express Eye Centre (original: Lifeline Express Microsurgical Eye Training Centre) in the hospitals in the less developed provinces since 2005.

Besides the provision of advanced ophthalmic equipment to the Eye Centres, Lifeline Express also enhance the competence of the local eye doctors through telemedicine training and web-lab courses in order to help more patients in need.

To help the local eye doctors learn more about the latest achievement and frontier technology in ophthalmology, Lifeline Express invites Ophthalmology Consultants around the world to conduct seminars and lectures, help diagnose difficult cases, and supervise on surgical operations in the Eye Centres every year.

Lifeline Express has actively assisted in the development of ophthalmology in the Mainland and has evloved from a state of providing direct medical treatment to adopting a new operating model that combines medical care, training and research.