Lifeline Express hospital eye-train will stay at one location for about 3 months before it moves on to the next location for service. Many impoverished cataract patients will still leave untreated because of limited resources and time.

Hence Lifeline Express provides a series of training for the residents of the local hospitals in the areas it has served. The training includes four stages:

1.  A week of intensive classroom training in Beijing before boarding the eye-train for internship

2.  Internship on the eye-train for 3 months

3.  Post internship enhancement course in Beijing for 1 month

4.  Practice with the aid of the Consultants in the Eye Centre for a year

Local hospital sends the trained residents to the eye-train to assist in work and internships. After completing the training and passing the assessment, they can perform cataract surgery in the hospital and continue to help more cataract patients in need when the eye-train leaves. Lifeline Express Eye Centre (original: Lifeline Express Cataract Centre) will then be established in the hospital, and becomes a “permanent eye-train” to stay in the region.